IBM SPSS4Student - SPSS Statistics Base StudyPack

IBM SPSS4Student - SPSS Statistics Base StudyPack

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Basic functions for the entire analysis process

The IBM SPSS Statistics StudyPack in the "Base" version provides students with basic statistical analysis tools for every step in the analysis process.

  • Statistical procedures to perform a precise analysis
  • Integrated procedures for quick and easy data preparation for analysis
  • Reporting functionality for highly effective charting
  • Visualisation capabilities that clearly illustrate the meaning of your findings
  • Supports all types of data, including very large datasets

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Please note that not all add-on modules are available for all SPSS versions.


About IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is the world's leading statistical software. It allows you to quickly dig deeper into your data, making it a much more effective tool than spreadsheets, databases or standard multidimensional tools for analysts.

Comparison of functions: basic version and editions

IBM SPSS Statistics is available in a basic version and three editions.

Important functions





Basic functions for the entire analysis process

Important statistics and graphics functions for the complete execution of analysis projects


Seamless integration with R, Python and other environments for effortless and efficient extension of statistical functions and programmability


Advanced statistical procedures including GLM, GLMM, HLM, GENLIN and GEE for more precise identification and analysis of complex relationships


Non-linear regression, including MLR, binary logistic regression, NLR, CNLR and probit analysis to increase the precision of predictions


Customisable tables for analysing and reporting on numerical and categorical data  

Analysis of missing values (with imputation) to address the problem of "unclean data" for a more comprehensive analysis and more optimal decision-making processes    

Advanced data preparation to identify irregularities and other data that may distribute results unequally    

Decision trees to better identify groups, discover relationships between groups and predict future events    

Forecasting to predict trends and build expert time series forecasts quickly and effortlessly    

Structural equation modelling for testing hypotheses and confirming relationships between observed and latent variables      
Bootstrapping to test the stability and reliability of predictive models      
Advanced sampling and testing      
High-quality charts and graphs to support analysis and reporting      
Direct marketing and product decision-making procedures to identify the best customers and the product attributes that are right for them.      
Add Statistics Server to this package and dramatically accelerate performance, improve productivity and implement powerful automation  

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SPSS Statistics products: Flexibility and performance along the entire analysis process

The IBM SPSS Statistics family of products covers the entire analytical process from planning, data collection and analysis to reporting and implementation. From more than a dozen fully integrated modules, you can choose the specialised capabilities you need to increase sales, outperform the competition, conduct market research and make better decisions.

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