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MindManager (EDU) - MindManager Academic

Product Information

Publisher: MindManager (EDU)
Mind Mapping with MindManager
Brainstorm, organize, and manage projects from anywhere, using a visual framework that keeps you and your team on point, on task, on time.

Research institutions and university hospitals are no longer eligible to purchase Education licenses in all cases. Please request the desired quantity using this form: Anfrage.

Product comparison:

MindManager Edition Comparison

Use the table to compare which product best suits your needs.


MindManager for Mac

MindManager for Windows

MindManager Enterprise

Visualize information
Create mind maps, org charts, knowledge maps, and more.
Additional functions for visualization
Create Gantt charts, process flows, concept maps, flowcharts, schedules and much more.
Universal file export
Export interactive maps that can be opened in any browser.
Zapier integration
Send and receive content between MindManager and more than 700 cloud-based applications via Zapier.
MindManager Server & SharePoint synchronization
Bring maps stored in SharePoint to the browser for viewing. Query and synchronize SharePoint tasks and more.
Large Scale Deployment
Large Scale Deployment Support for MindManager for Windows.
Upgrade Protection Program
Annual subscription with access to the latest product releases and telephone support.
Optional Optional  
Mindjet Software Assurance & Support Service
Annual subscription with access to the latest product releases, priority product and helpdesk support, and other services. Mandatory in the MindManager Enterprise licensing program.
Scale prices
Special conditions (scale prices) for MindManager Enterprise customers in the MindManager Enterprise license program.