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Product Information

Publisher: Wiris
WIRIS EDITOR is now MathType
MathType is a visual editor (WYSIWYG) that allows inserting mathematical and chemical formulas in web pages.

Important notice to keep MathType working on your Mac

Mathtype 7 doesn't work under macOS 10.15 Catalina. Learn more at the site of Wiris MathType compatibility with macOS Catalina



Do you offer site licenses?

Yes, we have site licenses for K-12 schools, university departments, university campuses, corporations and government organizations. Contact us for details on how to purchase a site license.

I have both Windows and Macintosh computers. Do I need to buy two separate subscriptions?

No. One subscription will suffice, since a MathType subscription includes a product key valid for MathType Desktop for Windows, Mac, and online use (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online).

Can I install MathType Desktop on more than one computer?

Yes, if you purchase a MathType Individual subscription. Installing it on your office computer and your laptop is allowed – installing it on your friend's or coworker's computer is not.

Can I try MathType?

You can evaluate MathType for 30 days by choosing that option during installation process. The full version of MathType Desktop will be installed, and you will enjoy the same functionality as the unlocked version.

Toward the end of the evaluation period, you'll start receiving messages when you start MathType Desktop informing you how much of the evaluation period remains. This information is also in MathType's title bar. You can unlock MathType Desktop at any time with a valid product key, without reinstalling.

Download: https://store.wiris.com/en/products/downloads

IInstallation instructions can be found under the following link: http://docs.wiris.com/en/mathtype/mathtype_desktop/installation#mathtype_desktop_setup_dialog

Downloading and installing MathType Desktop

Can I install MathType Desktop on both my home and work computers?

Yes, if you purchase a single-user copy of MathType Desktop, you may install it on all of your computers (i.e., home and work), both Mac and Windows.

Can I download MathType Desktop again if I need to reinstall my software?

Yes. For this you can simply use the link in the order information, which will be sent to you after ordering.

How do I install MathType Desktop?

Once you complete the purchase of MathType Desktop you will receive an order information, there you will be able to download the MathType Desktop software. Once that is complete, double-click the downloaded MathType Desktop installer file. On a Mac, this will open it in a separate window, so double-click "MathType Desktop Installer…" within that window, to run the installer program. On Windows, after you double-click the downloaded MathType Desktop installer file, the installer will run. On both platforms, it will present simple instructions that will guide you through the installation process. You'll be using MathType Desktop in no time at all.

I just bought a new computer. Do I have to buy MathType Desktop again? If not, how do I install it on my new computer?

No, you do not need to buy MathType Desktop again. Just install MathType Desktop on your new computer using the same license key you received by email with your original purchase.

Will others who don't use MathType Desktop be able to read or edit my equations?

You may want to send documents containing MathType Desktop equations to other people so they can view, print, or even edit them. In case they need to edit the equations, they should download and install our free MathType Desktop 30-day trial. Once the trial is over, the MathType Desktop editor will not be available. MathType Desktop's fonts will remain installed, so equations will still display and print.

Will I be able to edit Equation Editor equations with MathType Desktop?

Yes, MathType Desktop can understand and edit Equation Editor equations in your existing documents. MathType Desktop cannot create equations in the old Equation Editor format.

If I install the 30-day trial of MathType Desktop and decide not to buy it, can I go back to using Equation Editor?

Likely not, since Microsoft Office no longer includes Equation Editor. The same will be true of most other products that once included Equation Editor. If you decide not to buy MathType Desktop, you get to keep all of MathType Desktop's additional fonts, so you will still be able to view and print equations created with MathType Desktop, but will not be able to edit them.

Which versions of Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers work with MathType Desktop?

MathType Desktop works well with Pages 6.0, Keynote 7.0, Numbers 4.0, and later, but not with earlier versions. Apple picked MathType Desktop as the equation editor to use with these applications. When MathType Desktop is installed, an Equation command appears on the Insert menu. Choosing this command will open MathType Desktop, so you can insert an equation into the document.

Which versions of Microsoft Office work with MathType?


MathType Desktop works with Microsoft Office 2011 and Word 2016 for Mac, including Office 365.
Note 1: If you are running Office 2011 on macOS 10.13 High Sierra, please note that Apple does not support this configuration. MathType Desktop will only work with Office 2011 versions 14.7.4 and earlier on High Sierra.
Note 2: If you are running Office 365, please note that MathType Desktop only supports Word versions 15.41 and later.
Earlier versions of MathType Desktop will work with Office 2008 for Mac, but we are only able to provide limited technical support when using MathType Desktop with this version of Office.


Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 for Windows, including Office 365.
Office RT: MathType Desktop equations cannot be edited in these Office versions but equations created in supported versions of Office will display and print.
Office Online: MathType 7 and later includes an add-in for Microsoft Office Online.
Office for iPad: MathType Add-in for Office works on the iPad Office Apps.
Office 64- and 32-bit: MathType Desktop is compatible with both 64- and 32-bit versions of Office.

Which versions of Google Suite work with MathType?

MathType for Google works in all versions of the solution in Windows, Mac, or Linux. Google Docs for iPad: Google Docs App for iPad does not support Add-ons. Hence MathType doesn't work on the iPad App.

Is MathType Desktop compatible from Windows to Mac and Mac to Windows?

Yes. MathType Desktop for Mac and Windows are fully compatible with each other, and Microsoft Word documents containing MathType Desktop equations can be easily shared between them.



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