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Corel - Corel Painter

Product Information

Publisher: Corel
The powerful natural-media painting and illustration software
Painter is designed for digital artists, illustrators, pre-visualization artists and photographers who need the tools to mimic the output and experience of traditional drawing and painting media.


Painter 2021

Professional painting software

  • Professional blank canvas painting and photo-art tools
  • World-class Natural-Media emulation & digital art brushes
  • Unlimited customization of brushes, textures, and other media
  • Mac & PC support, FREE brush packs and more (Subscription only)

Create your signature style with Painter . Sketch, paint, illustrate and make unparalleled photo-art with hundreds of realistic brushes, exclusive media, and an array of artistic tools. Painter 2021 is as diverse as your imagination.


Paint from a blank canvas or create amazing photo art.


Create your own brushes, textures, patterns, palettes and so much more.


Enhance your paintings with outrageously creative brush packs.

Over 900 Brushes

Craft your masterpiece with stunning reality using renowned dry, wet, and blending media.

Experience brushes with greatness!

From traditional paint brushes to those found only in the digital world of Painter, we've got your canvas covered with every brush and media type possible.


  • Photoshop
    Preserve colors and layers with ease when transferring files between Photoshop and Painter
  • Drawing tablet
    Support for stylus tilt, rotation, bearing & pressure control creates the most natural painting experience
  • Mac/PC
    Whether you're a Mac or PC person, Painter supports both platforms with licensing and subscription options to suit you


Bring ideas to life for published materials, fashion design and fantasy art using the most diverse digital art studio.

Fine Art

The mixture of realistic natural media and unique Painter artistic tools offer the freedom to create amazing end results no matter what the subject matter.

Concept Art

Take advantage of Painter's versatility to quickly develop concepts for films, games and manufacturing and create environments, creatures and vehicles that inspire.

Photo Art

Use artificial intelligence to jump start the painting process. Next, use Auto-Painting and cloning tools to masterfully paint images and produce stunning keepsakes or sellable works of art.

What's New in 2021

NEW: Performance updates

Run the intuitive Brush Accelerator, which makes the most of your computer's hardware and graphics card, to deliver the best possible painting experience. Work faster with double the number of GPU accelerated brush technologies, optimized drip and liquid brush technologies, and quicker brush and tool switching.

NEW: Thick Paint workflow

Enjoy enhanced Thick Paint brushes and a NEW Thick Paint-compatible brush category that takes full advantage of the depth, lighting and shadows of piled paint. Easy-access panels let you instantly adjust how paint is applied to the brush and how the paint interacts with existing media. You can also convert the canvas or any layer to Thick Paint to create in surprising new ways.

NEW: Artificial Intelligence

Quick start your art by taking advantage of the 12 AI Styles that create a stylized painting from an image. Fine tune the settings for custom results and save your own presets. Experiment by adding a style, or more than one, to any type of imagery. Try stylizing a sketch, painting, illustration or just brushstrokes and see where styles can take you.

NEW: Clone Tinting

Enable the Clone Tinting feature while painting, then choose any color you like, use any clone brush, and render your clone source with custom color. This versatile tool also works with multi-point cloning allowing you to create entirely new compositions from existing artwork. Bonus! Create with a new Clone Tinting brush category.


Enhance your workflow by choosing to paint on any layer type and hide the canvas right from the New Image dialog. Visually identify what brushes are compatible with various layer types including Liquid Ink, Thick Paint and Watercolor. Plus take advantage of many other user-requested layer improvements.

Apple support

Improve your overall Mac workflow in big ways!

NEW: Touch Bar Support

On MacBook Pro and iPad, increase efficiency with new support for the Touch Bar that offers context-sensitive controls that change depending on the selected tool.

ENHANCED: Multi-touch Trackpad support

Responsive multi-touch Trackpad support allows you to perform useful actions by swiping and pinching, or spreading your thumb and forefinger on your trackpad.

NEW: Sidecar Support

Use Sidecar on macOS Catalina to use your iPad as a secondary display that mirrors your Mac desktop. The Painter UI will auto-adjust based on the resolution of your iPad.

NEW: Apple Pencil Tilt

With new tilt support for Apple Pencil, you can now tilt the selected brush while you paint to precisely control the shape of the brushstroke while using Sidecar.

NEW: Core ML support

Painter uses the latest and greatest machine learning (Core ML) technology from Apple to optimize your AI style experience.



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