Questions about Office 365 ProPlus

Which Office 365 ProPlus applications support macOS?

Windows and macOS Windows and macOS Windows and macOS Windows Windows and macOS Windows and macOS Windows and macOS Windows

Why is the Office 365 ProPlus article not available anymore?

This can have various reasons. The institution may need to renew their Microsoft EES agreement. Please note the product information where you will find the latest news.

Renewal during Stage 1: Reminded After you've purchased the Office 365 ProPlus article of your institution for renewal within 1st Stage: Reminded no further steps are required.
Renewal during Stage 2: Deactivation After you've purchased the Office 365 ProPlus article of your institution for renewal within 2nd Stage: Deactivation there should also be no further steps required. In some cases however Office does not recognize the active license. One possible solution is to deactivate the license in your Microsoft account and sign in to Office again.
Renewal during Stage 3: Deletion When stage 3 has been reached a new Microsoft account will be generated for you when purchasing Office 365 again.

Why did I not receive an E-Mail with my Microsoft account data after purchase?

The e-mail is triggered automatically. However it may take up to several minutes until you receive the e-mail with the account data. Please also check if the e-mail was moved into your spam folder. If you've chosen "Payment in Advance" as payment method the order process is triggered after we received your bank transfer.
You will receive your account data after this process is completed.

Where can I download Office?

After you purchased the service article you will receive an e-mail with your account data for your Microsoft account after a few minutes.
Please visit and sign in with your new Login data from the e-mail. First you need to set a new password.

Afterwards you can click "Office 365 apps" in the upper right corner and install Office 365 ProPlus to your desired device.

How can I install Office on a second PC?

  • You can use Office on up to five PCs and five mobile devices at a time.
Simply sign in to the following website:
In the upper screen you see the applications you can use (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).
Below you can see the headline "Other install options". Here you can install Office for further PCs or mobile devices.
Through "my installs" you can deactivate Office installations on specific devices in case you don't need them anymore.

Why can't I find a download in my Microsoft account?

Please check if you are signed in with the credentials from the e-mail "...Office 365 access information".
If you've signed in only several seconds after you received the e-mail the account it is possible that no license was assigned to the account yet.
This process can take several minutes.

Why do I receive a message saying my account has expired even if I've already purchased the article.

This message may occur when your applications (Word, Excel etc.) are still connected with your old, expired account. Please sign out from the old account in all applications and sign in with the new account data.

I can't sign in / Login and password are not accepted

  • Please make sure the Microsoft account from the e-mail [Order number] - Office 365 access information are used to sign in (e.g.
  • Please make sure that no additional space was copied and pasted at the end of the password.

I've forgotten my password what can I do?

The pdf file Office 365 reset password describes how you can reset the password of your Microsoft account.

The long username is bothering me when commenting on documents, what can I do?

My Office 365 usage right is expiring soon what happens after it expired?

  1. Reminder: 30 days before your Office 365 usage right expires you will receive an e-mail as a reminder to purchase the Office 365 article from us.
  2. Deactivation: When your usage right expired you will have the opportunity to renew it for further 30 days. Within this time span you still have access to your data (e.g. OneDrive).
  3. Deletion: 30 days after your usage right expired you will receive an e-mail informing you that your Microsoft account was deleted. At this time the data in your Microsoft account will be deleted (e.g. OneDrive).
    • If your Microsoft account was deleted a new Microsoft account will be created when purchasing a new usage right.

What happens to my OneDrive Data which exceeds the 5 GB free space when my usage right expires?

  • Until the deletion of your Microsoft account (Step 3 Deletion) you can still display, download and share your OneDrive data but won't be able to add additional uploads (over 5 GB).
  • Make backups in regular intervals to prevent data loss.

Can I use Office 365 ProPlus on mobile devices?

I am getting error code 0xD0000004 or 0xD0000001 / I receive a message saying my subscription expired / This account does not allow editing on Mac

These error messages can be resolved with the following steps: In Finder open "Go to Folder" enter "~/Library" go to Group Containers and move the following files to the recycle bin:

  • UBF8T346G9.Office
  • UBF8T346G9.OfficeOsfWebHost
Further information can be found in the following article: