FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

On this page you can find a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers about different topics around the purchase on studyhouse. In case your question is not listed below don't hesitate to get in contact with us directly:

E-Mail: vertrieb@asknet.com
Phone: +49 (0)721 9098 7808
Fax: +49 (0)721 96458 9300

- Questions about the order -

I want to complain about my order. Who do I have to contact?

Please do not return any parcels without prior consultation. Inform the shop contact about possible defects. We will immediately take care of your concern and tell you the next steps. Please always state your invoice number and order number.

Is it possible to return a purchased product?

Please consider Part 2: Information on the right of withdrawal for consumers in accordance with Section 13 BGB of your TAC (valid for consumers only as defined by § 13 BGB)

Is it possible to order software as a private person?

In many cases it is possible for employees in the research & education sector to order software at special conditions. However not every manufacturer offers this possibility. A lot of manufacturers offer the purchase and use of sofware for reduced prices but at other conditions as for the university itself.
Employees can order Adobe Student & Teacher products.
Microsoft Office is only available at special conditions via the Work-at-Home program. The software must only be used for work-related purposes on a private computer. Please contact us so we can verify if you are eligible to order.

Generally these orders can be made in written form only and you have to verify your employee status with a certificate of employment.

Why do products disappear from my cart?

Certain products are limited to specific user groups. Research & Education products are in general not available for students. Just as student versions are not available for institutions. The products are marked with the appropriate user group below the price.

How save it the order process?

Every access to our shop happens via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This technology is supported by every common Web browser. All data which is send to or by you is encrypted. You can recognize SSL e.g. with Microsoft Internet Explorer by the padlock on the right side of the address bar of the browser.

How can I trace the status of my order?

Please not that this possibility only exists for online orders through the software shop.

If you are logged in you have the possibility to look at your order and its status by choosing the menu point "My Studyhouse" -> "My Orders".

As soon as the goods leave our store you will receive a shipment confirmation via e-mail.
As of this moment the transport within Germany will take between two and four days from experience.

what happens after I purchased online?

After each successful order you are going to receive an order confirmation via e-mail.
In rare cases the e-mails end up in the spam-filter of your mailbox. When there also is no e-mail from us you can resend the order conformation by choosing the menu point "My Studyhouse" --> "My orders". You can find your download by choosing the menu point "My Studyhouse" --> "My Downloads".

How does payment take place?

The available payment methods can be viewed on the page Payment options.

How can I order as a new customer?

Before you can place your first order you have to register at the software shop and send us the application with the required certificate.
The validation takes aproximately one weekday. As soon as your account is activated you will be informed via e-mail.
Afterwards you can login and place your order.

Please fill in all fields carefully. It is especially important to enter a valid e-mail address because all required bills and information as well as license keys for your article and the corresponding download information will be send from us via e-mail.

What is a license?

A license is the right to use a software. You generally purchase this right with the purchase of the software. The invoice serves as verification which you should keep safe. Please also consider that a license is not bound to a storage media or a serial number.

What is a box version?

A box version is a parcel which is send to you by post. The box includes a license and a storage media unless stated different.

What is a storage media without license?

A storage media without license is solely one or more CD/DVD which include the program data and allow the installation.
The storage media alone does not permit the use of the software! For this a license which is purchased separately is required.
Some examples for license programs in which the storage media and licenses are sold separately are the following:

  • Microsoft Select
  • Adobe CLP
  • Corel CTL / CCL

This is because many customers require multiple licenses installing them with only one storage media. This results in a reduction of costs when purchasing.

Product enquiry

Unable to find a product in our catalog? — Simply ask your personal contact person about the product enquiry form.
Here you can directly go to the product enquiry form.

- Technical questions -

I have a technical issue where can I get help?

Please contact the support of the respective manufacturer.

For what reason do I have to permit the use of cookies in my browser?

The software shop uses temporary cookies to ensure an unobstructed shopping process. Without the permission of cookies a purchase is not possible.
The cookies do not contain personal information and are only kept temporarily within the web browser. When exiting the browser the cookies are deleted and won't be stored on your local hard drive.

- Questions about your account -

Why is my login data not accepted? / Why is my account locked?

Possible reasons are:

  1. You are a student and we do not have an up-to-date certificate of immatriculation.
    Please send it under specification of your account number or your user name to the following e-mail address: freischaltungen@asknet.de
  2. Your account data are valid for another software shop. To help you we have a map with different available software shops displayed on www.academic-center.de.
  3. You are logging in via Single Sign-On (e.g. Shibboleth) however we do not receive all required information. In this case you can write an e-mail to support@studyhouse.de. We will check on your case afterwards.

What documents are required for activation?
Registration on studyhouse:

As a student you require an up-to-date certificate of immatriculation for the current term.
As an employee you require a request of activation. The request must be stamped by your institution and the specified address must be the address of your institution.
Login via Single Sign-On (e.g. Shibboleth):
In case you are logging in via Single Sign-On we normally receive the required information from your identity provider (your institution) and you will be activated automatically.

What can I do after the loss of the login data or the order confirmation?

In case you have lost your login data you can let them resend to your stated e-mail address by the shop contact. For this please state your customer number.
After the loss of an order confirmation you can resend them in the section "My Studyhouse" -> "My Orders".

Where can I find the download files after a successfull order?

You can find your download in the section "My Downloads".
For this purpose you log into the software shop with your login and passwort. On the right navigation menu you can find "My Settings" and the section "My Downloads" below.
Please consider that a download can only be provided when the order was directly placed online in the software shop.
When ordering by e-mail, fax or post no download can be provided. Please make sure you also order a storage media in this case.
The downloads for your orders are made available for one year.
The downloads for several products are delivered by an external partner therefore they are not available on the section "My Downloads" on studyhouse.
We always recommend to create a backup of the download files.

Where can I find the product key of a purchased product?

Depending on the manufacturers specifications the product key for your purchase can be found either in your order confirmation and your invoice in the article text in the respective position or you will receive it by e-mail separately. The delivery can take 2 to three wotk days depending on the product because the licenses have to be ordered individually.

For some particular software products the licensing file is provided within the "My Downloads" section. You can download it and then proceed with the activation of the product.
For box versions the product key is usually found within the shipment.

How do I change the billing address of my user account?

For students an e-mail from the registered e-mail address with the change request is sufficient. Please state your customer number or your login necessarily.

Where can I find my customer number?

Your customer number can be found in the upper right on each invoice or order confirmation.