TechSmith - Snagit-Camtasia Bundle

TechSmith - Snagit-Camtasia Bundle

Product Information

Publisher: TechSmith
Creating desktop videos and capture screens
Camtasia is the premier video screen recording program - Snagit is a screen capture utility.

Further scaled prices on request


License with maintenance Coterm

Alias: Seat Extension / additional user licenses: The maintenance of these licenses is based on the existing maintenance period of the customer.

If you already have an existing contract, you can purchase Coterm licenses. The scales and quantities are added together.

Example: You already have 8 Snagit licenses (currently in volume 5-9) with maintenance until January 5th.

If you would like to buy 5 additional licenses, you can buy 5 additional user articles in the 10-24 volume . Since always the sum of the total licenses counts, you will then have 13 licenses and will be in the 10-24 volume. The maintenance will then always be automatically adjusted to the existing expiration date, in this case until January 5th.

The only thing that is important is that the Maintenance ID must always be included when licenses are renewed. This is always required to determine the scale and the maintenance period.