Mindjet (EDU) - MindManager Enterprise

Mindjet (EDU) - MindManager Enterprise

Product Information

Publisher: Mindjet (EDU)
Mind Mapping with MindManager
Brainstorm, organize, and manage projects from anywhere, using a visual framework that keeps you and your team on point, on task, on time.

Research institutions and university hospitals are no longer eligible to purchase Education licenses in all cases. Please request the desired quantity using this form: Anfrage.

Description (Win):

MinimumManager 21

Powerful visualization tools and mind mapping software

  • Create beautiful interactive maps, charts & diagrams
  • Process & organize information more effectively
  • Bring structure and clarity to plans & projects
  • See the big picture and little details in one view

"A picture says more than a thousand words", the vernacular claims. Science confirms that the perception and processing quality of information in the form of images, i.e. in a visualized form, is significantly higher than that of linear information in the form of text or speech.

MindMapping not only helps in the development and planning of information and topics, but as a knowledge map can also be a thought or topic map. The topic and its complexity play no role. MindMapping can be applied to every topic and every department.

With MindManager, information and learning material can be collected, structured and presented in a memory-compatible way. Whether for class preparation, execution or postprocessing, Mindjet MindManager supports you as a universal and interdisciplinary tool and helps to visualize, process and internalize topics.

Thanks to the strong Microsoft Office integration, you can easily exchange data with Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

  • Pass a MindMap as outline to MS-Word, for example.
  • Synchronize tasks in your MindMap with MS-Outlook
  • Include MS-Excel tables in your MindMap and always display the most current values in the MindMap without making changes to the map.

New in MindManager 21

  • Text Accelerators
    Take your projects into the fast lane by adding resources and tags to your topics simply by typing '@' or '#' followed by the resource or tag name.
  • Topic Info Cards
    Hide supplemental information to keep your map free of clutter, while retaining quick access to everything. Drag and drop info from cards to topics and vice versa.
  • Built-In Themes
    Start a diagram from a blank slate or a library of built-in templates to suit any industry. Drag & drop to arrange and structure your diagrams; see your plans take shape before your eyes.
  • In-App Tutorials
    The MindManager Learning Center with step-by-step tutorials helps new users get up and running quickly and seasoned users become familiar with more advanced functionality.
  • Enhanded Usability & Productivity
    Discover over 30 usability & productivity enhancements, such as resource color coding, simplified horizontal scrolling, customizable snap-to-grid, and much more.

New in MindManager 2020

  • Mobile MindManager Go Viewer (Apps for Android and iOS)
  • Co-Editing (Add-On, fee required)
  • MindManager Snap Capture Tool
  • Excel Data Mapper
  • Excel Export
  • Editing control (only in Enterprise edition)

Improved in MindManager 2020

  • Gantt
  • Flow Diagram Tools
  • Image Thumbnails
  • Symbol and tag groups
  • Drag & Drop
  • Control of connection lines
  • SmartRules



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