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Wiris - MathType

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Publisher: Wiris
WIRIS EDITOR is now MathType
MathType is a visual editor (WYSIWYG) that allows inserting mathematical and chemical formulas in web pages.

Important notice to keep MathType working on your Mac

Mathtype 7 doesn't work under macOS 10.15 Catalina. Learn more at the site of Wiris MathType compatibility with macOS Catalina



WIRIS EDITOR is now MathType

Since March 2018 WIRIS EDITOR has been renamed MathType


MathType is a visual editor (WYSIWYG) that allows inserting mathematical and chemical formulas in web pages. Also including handwritten math as an input method. It runs on any browser, including the ones in tablet PCs, as is based on HTML4 and JavaScript technology. Plus it is of course 100% compliant with HTML5. Components for integration in your own Mobile or Tablet APP are also availabe.

MathType is a math and chemistry WYSIWYG editor. You can use your finger or a large collection of icons nicely organized in thematic tabs in order to create formulas for your web page, virtual learning environment, blog or forum.

Handwriting and classic input, which one will show?

MathType comes with two user input interfaces. A classic palette and icons based one and the latest handwriting input method.

If you visit a page using MathType with your Tablet or mobile phone the handwriting interface will appear default. However, if you visit the same page with a laptop or desktop computer the classic input will show. User is always free to change between the different interfaces.


  • It is a visual (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Create a new expression with a single click
  • Just double click an expression in order to modify it
  • Works through icons
  • Icons are structured in thematic tabs
  • Accessibility features both at display and edition levels
  • MathType allows you tocreate mathematical notation including
    • Basic operations
    • Matrix calculus
    • Calculus and series
    • Logic and set theory
    • Units
    • Greek alphabet
    • Anything you might need, just contact the wiris development team
  • Expressions are stored in standard MathML
  • Images are stored in the client server, so they are not recalculated
  • It displays images to the user, so it is completely cross-browser
  • It is based on Javascript technology, so it is cross-OS and compatible with diferent devices including mobile smartphones and tablet PCs.



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