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Illustrieren Sie Ihre Welt mit industrieller Präzision.
Mit Canvas X GIS erstellen Sie Vektorgrafiken, verarbeiten Dateien mit über 1 Million Objekten und verfügen über ein komplettes geografisches Informationssystems


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Canvas X GIS 2019

Canvas X GIS 2019 boasts a complete geographic information system module. This includes providing a powerful set of GIS-based features and commands that support a range of geospatial data formats, defining complex map projections, and performing advanced property operations. New optimization allows you to quickly open and work with documents containing over a million objects. With support for DPI settings for high resolution monitors, this feature-packed software is an essential tool for GIS professionals in the oil & gas and energy sectors, aerospace and automotive industries, education, and government.

Canvas X GIS 2019 can import and export a wide array of geospatial data formats.

Canvas X GIS 2019's unique and integrated design environment makes it possible for users to work with and combine all graphical elements, and to apply high-end effects in a single document. Technical illustrators can now open and manipulate documents with over one million objects in seconds vs. minutes.


As the go-to application of technical illustrators in precision industries, Canvas X GIS comes loaded with the impressive and comprehensive set of vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need to get the job done - all provided in one integrated, flexible design environment.

  • Painless Projection Population
    Take advantage of the GIS Manager to select or define geo-referencing information for your document. You can also use it to reset the projection on your existing open document. Stay in control by setting every last detail, including the Projected Coordinate System, angular and linear units, axis orientation, and the Geo CS.
  • Real World Representation
    Strategically move or position objects according to their latitude and longitude coordinates. Also display the length and forward azimuth when measuring between two points, and the percentage of error. Measure distance in world coordinates by drawing and selecting a line between two points.
  • Portray and Position Perfectly
    Seamlessly replicate objects and place them exactly using latitude and longitude.
  • Glorious Graticules
    Easily formulate a grid of lines displaying the meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude. Precisely control its units of measure, exact decimal levels, longitude and latitude start and edit points and spacing/divisions, latitude degree rotation, horizontal and vertical offsets, and even the label format settings.
  • Coordinate Convenience
    Define a geographic coordinate system for a projection and tweak it with options, such as, Geo CS name, Ellipsoid, Prime Meridian, and Datum Transformation.
  • Set Your Real World Target
    Georegister a GIS image or drawing to the geographic location of a known accurate reference image target. Add control, segment, and curve points, select shapes, control opacity, and much more.


Create project-specific customized queries based upon unique properties, values, or other related criteria. Edit your query to meet new project needs, save for ongoing use, or share with colleagues.

  • Explicit Objects
    Get informed, pain-free. View, numerically edit, and re-apply map attributes that have been assigned to map objects with one simple command.
  • Shipshape Schematics
    Perform queries on chosen properties and their values. Achieve ultimate clarity by assigning text labels to map objects with defined settings, such as text format, location, and rotation angle. You can also apply or adjust collision detection settings.
  • Better Buffers
    Up your proximity analysis game with buffers for objects that are tagged Point, Line, or Area for greater visualization and map utilization.
  • Design Dexterity
    Experience the luxury of the Symbol library, packed with an array of symbols from a variety of industries, from medical to energy, or create and add your own. Modify or enhance map symbols based on selected or related property values to increase visual appeal, and dynamically replace them at any time to ensure project consistency.
  • Vivid Data Visualization
    Access detailed fill, stroke, ink, and GIS-specialized augmentation options ideal for your GIS data visualization. Vary the appearance of map objects according to a selected property or a query to create thematic and choropleth maps.
  • World-Class Warping
    Quickly and precisely warp GIS illustrations through an X/Y control point system within a selected image. Or warp by latitude and longitude.

Canvas X Features

Illustrate, design, and share your technical illustrations and graphic designs with ease, precision, and professional quality results – all from within one fully integrated application. Canvas X 2019 is all you need to create all you envision.


Canvas X comes loaded with a comprehensive set of vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools.

  • Drawing with Precision
    Canvas X comes loaded with tools and techniques that allow you to easily create scale drawings, floor plans, architectural designs, and other technical drawings with measured precision and placement. Snap objects into exact positions relative to each other, draw from the center points of objects, define the scale for scale drawings, systematically align objects, display size information as you work, and add dimension objects.
  • Work with Vector and Raster Images
    Canvas X's unique and integrated design environment makes it possible to work with and combine all graphical elements and apply high end effects to each in a single document. Thanks to the ability to work with both vector graphics and raster images with the same powerful enhancement tools, Canvas X users are able to create professional-looking outputs while preserving complete editing control of all graphical data.
  • Add Objects on the Fly
    Canvas X comes stocked with a diverse range of commonly used and specialized technical symbols. Or you can create your own from any vector, text, composite, or paint object, and add it to the Symbol Library. And if you alter a symbol in the palette, all copies of it in the document will change along with it, allowing you to maximize efficiency.
  • Vector Object Versatility
    Experience complete flexibility while working dynamically with vector objects. Canvas X's adaptable Sprite technology can be used to apply image and transparency effects without rendering, allowing you to continue to edit your graphics at any time. Do more with specialized technologies, such as gradient transparency tools, vector masks, opacity effects, channel masks, and much more.
  • Raise the Bar with Raster Images
    Design, edit, and upgrade raster images with a variety of industry-leading tools and filters. Form composites, touch up photos, create and utilize transparency effects, paint, clone pixels, and more.
  • Communicate with CAD Files
    Import native AutoCAD files, enjoy CAD-inspired dimensioning tools, and edit and manipulate CAD objects. Place a 2D view of a 3D object in your document, edit the view, adjust the orientation, rotation, zoom, and lighting.
  • Purposeful Pasting
    Paste attributes, paste into Text Flows, paste and replace, and copy and paste images and objects. Render objects by copying and pasting them into selections in paint objects. Paste almost anything into a selection, including a selection of a raster image channel, or a channel mask that is attached to another object.
  • Draw with Data
    To satisfy the accuracy demanded by engineering and scientific fields, Canvas X offers complete control over vector object coordinates. Create illustrations from geometric data, use grids and guides to position objects, and adjust objects' numerical position for absolute precision.
  • Go with the Flow(chart)
    Present complex data in visually appealing, logical, and accessible flowcharts. Avoid having to import static pre-made charts with external spreadsheet programs by creating dynamic charts and tables with data inputted directly into Canvas X.


Comprehensive toolkit for technical design to work with total precision.

  • Work within Industry Standards
    Create dimension objects that fully conform to existing industry and government standards, including: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer's) floating point standard, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) U.S. Product and industry standards, DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung/German Institute for Standardization) internationally adopted standards, JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standards.
  • Thorough Text Tools
    Create text, text layouts, and flow text from column to column. Control all aspects of formatting, create and save styles, apply effects to type, wrap text inside objects, repel text from objects, bind text to object paths, and enjoy a full range of text proofing and annotation tools.
  • Work Seamlessly with Others
    Collaborate with confidence and efficiency with the ability to add comments to any object, including paint, vector, and text objects.
  • Definitive Dimensions
    With linear, chain, and baseline dimensioning tools, it's easy to pinpoint horizontal, vertical, oblique, and perpendicular distances. Display size information as you draw, measure diameter, radius, angle, area, and perimeter, add dimension objects to illustrations, mark the center of arcs and ovals, and nail down the scale for scale drawings.
  • Articulate with Annotations
    Add clarity to your illustrations with labels or text. You can use the annotation tools to add labels, callouts, or comments to your diagrams or illustrations, or to create simple flowcharts. And if you re-position the annotation label object, the SmartLines™ connecting it to the illustration move right along with it.
  • Painless Precision
    Work with infinitesimal units of measure with certainty and control. Canvas X's drawing engine fully conforms to the IEEE floating point standard used in scientific, engineering, medical, and biotechnology industries. Personalize these standard settings by editing the size of lines, gaps, text, and tolerances, modifying them for new and unique workflows, and saving them for ongoing use in similar work contexts.
  • Augment Your Vision
    Apply a variety of filters to your images, text, and vector objects with SpriteEffects, or transparency with SpriteLayers. Create a lens object and apply effects to accentuate specific elements of your document. Lens objects let you limit an effect to a particular region of an illustration, or they let you magnify an area when you want to show a detailed view.
  • Harmonious Help
    Never lose your way with Dynamic Help and context-sensitive Canvas Assistant help built right into the application. With Canvas X, when you select a tool or function, the corresponding help is made immediately available to you.
  • Create Documents for Every Purpose
    Canvas X's templates take the effort out of starting your project. Create documents for illustration, Publication, Presentation, and Animation.


Canvas X makes sharing your vision with professional publications and presentations, and collaborating a piece of cake.

  • Professional Publishing Results
    With Canvas X, you can produce and share complex, leading-edge documents without the need for separate word processing or layout programs. Fully stocked with all the necessary text formatting and style tools, editing, proofing, and annotation capabilities, Canvas X gets you finished faster.
  • Insert Some Interactivity into Your Documents
    Assign hyperlinks to page elements so they jump to files or webpages, a local hard drive, or an intranet. Create email links using the mailto: command, or define anchors with the Anchor function. Add hotspots to graphics for documents to be exported to PDF.
  • Clear Collaboration
    Save time and effort with a free-flowing document exchange, enabling you to share, discuss, and develop projects with colleagues. Advanced import and export features make it possible to return annotated illustrations to specialized formats without losing data.
  • Share with Assurance
    Assuredly share your documents with the ability to apply secure encryption and password protection to your exported PDFs. Maintain complete control over who can open, edit, and print your designs and data. Plus, Canvas X can preserve the ability to edit documents even after rendering to PDF.
  • To Preserve and Protect
    Create PDF files for sharing or storage while maintaining the Canvas X data embedded in the file. Re-open your file in Canvas X at any time with no loss of data or formatting.
  • Proficient Printing
    Enjoy complete control over the appearance of your printed output, including color management for accuracy, optimization of image resolutions to your printer, output format options for image data to a PostScript device, multi-page documents suitable for commercial printing, and virtually any advanced image and export format.



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